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Sizing the Fintech addressable market

By KDD | Aug 10, 2017
fintech market size

Fintech, or Financial Technology, has been around for some time.  Lately, interest has been gaining steam, particularly among venture capitalists.  However, fifteen years ago, this was the abbreviation used when banking discussed its plans for IT spending, mostly back office infrastructure.  When you hear the term now it’s #fintech, referring to startups threatening to disrupt…

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Context, Then Concepts, Words Last

By KDD | Aug 2, 2017
context first, concept second, words third

The “five forces of context” (mobile, social media, data, sensors and location) have be called the future of computing. Why? Because they may finally give computers the ability to understand “your context”. Analysts under time and deadline pressure need to know that the information distilled by an AI solution is relevant to their context and…

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Good Concept Detection Requires an “Almost Engine”

By KDD | Jul 24, 2017
good concept detection requires an "almost engine"

Is “almost” good enough?  In terms of concept detection, the answer is most certainly “yes”.  In another guest post by Tom Marsh, CTO at Boulder Equity Analytics, Tom argues that textual analysis using BEA’s AI software allows analysts to efficiently cull through mounds of documents to eliminate the noise.  What is left are “scored” paragraphs…

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Nested Calculation – A Tableau Puzzler

By KDD | Jul 20, 2017
Tableau nested calculations

Tableau is a powerful tool for visualizing data.  It is easy to throw data into, to start exploring data and to begin creating charts.  But there is a lot going on “under the hood” and more advanced analytics requires a bit of a learning curve to get Tableau to do what you want it to…

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Concepts are Key, Not Words

By KDD | Jul 17, 2017
concepts are key, not words

Some form of textual analysis has become a standard feature among services that offer summaries of large volumes of documents.  Natural Language Processing (NLP), deep learning and neural nets are buzz words we often hear.  But when you look under the hood, most of the functionality is based on keywords, word counts and rigid taxonomies. …

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Read Faster? Researchers Need to Retool to Compete

By KDD | Jul 10, 2017
collaborative artifical intelligence

Guest Author – Tom Marsh, CTO of Boulder Equity Analytics. At Boulder Equity Analytics (BEA), “Our mission is to build an intelligent, enriched and fully interactive database from all the publicly available reports to improve the productivity and insight of the analyst covering an industry sector.”  We call it O.A.K.L.E.Y, collaborative artificial intelligence, a 2nd…

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Buzzword Overkill – AI is Not a Thing People, it’s a Discipline

By KDD | Jul 2, 2017
Artifical Intelligence

Guest Author – Tom Marsh, CTO of Boulder Equity Analytics AI, artificial intelligence, has been through several boom and bust cycles.  Today the pronouncements are everywhere with AI coming soon to everything from medicine to your underwear.  For those of us laboring in the dark for years, it feels good to be the most popular…

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Free Access to ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

By KDD | Jun 20, 2017
market sizing - ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

KDD Analytics is offering free access to its annually updated ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer. ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer offers a quick and comprehensive way for B2B marketers to estimate the relative potential size of US private sector markets.  Offered as Tableau dashboards, ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is based on the most current US Census data…

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Information Technology Investment in the US Information Services Industry

By KDD | Feb 1, 2017
information technology investment in us information services industry

As we saw in an earlier article, the Information Services industry is the most “intensive” user of information technology (IT).  In 2015, the Information Services industry invested (per worker) over 8 times has much as the average and nearly 300 times as much as the least intensive industry. This is not just a single year…

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Healthcare Information Technology Investment Trends

By KDD | Jan 3, 2017
Healthcare information technology investment trends

According to US government data (US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)), Healthcare industry investment in computers, software and communications equipment has grown by a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 6% since 2000.  For the rest of the private (non-government) US market, such investment has grown at a slightly lower rate of 5% per year. Interactive…

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