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Free Access to ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

By KDD | Jun 20, 2017
market sizing - ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

KDD Analytics is offering free access to its annually updated ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer. ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer offers a quick and comprehensive way for B2B marketers to estimate the relative potential size of US private sector markets.  Offered as Tableau dashboards, ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is based on the most current US Census data…

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Information Technology Investment in the US Information Services Industry

By KDD | Feb 1, 2017
information technology investment in us information services industry

As we saw in an earlier article, the Information Services industry is the most “intensive” user of information technology (IT).  In 2015, the Information Services industry invested (per worker) over 8 times has much as the average and nearly 300 times as much as the least intensive industry. This is not just a single year…

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Healthcare Information Technology Investment Trends

By KDD | Jan 3, 2017
Healthcare information technology investment trends

According to US government data (US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)), Healthcare industry investment in computers, software and communications equipment has grown by a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 6% since 2000.  For the rest of the private (non-government) US market, such investment has grown at a slightly lower rate of 5% per year. Interactive…

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US Information Technology Investment per Worker

By KDD | Dec 6, 2016
information technology investment per worker

Investment in information technology by US businesses varies dramatically across industries.  On a per worker basis, the top industry invested over 300 times that invested by the bottom industry in 2015. Why does information technology investment per worker matter? While information technology (IT) investment per worker has grown over time across all industries, there clearly…

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B2B Consultative Sales

By KDD | Nov 15, 2016
Consultative sales supported by marketing analytics

“84% of B2B buyers are now starting the purchasing process with a referral, and peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions.” (Harvard Business Review) Wow! Why are buyers shying away from salespeople?  According to this same article, salespeople “tend to prioritize a sales agenda over solving a customer’s problem.” To…

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Enhanced B2B Data Can Markedly Improve Prospect Scores

By KDD | Oct 24, 2016
enhanced B2B data improve prospect score ROI

Data availability can limit the quality of B2B prospect scores.  We are not talking about sample size, which is important.  But about the characteristics of the businesses the prospect score is meant to rank. A client’s customer was using an “off the shelf” application for prospect scoring.  This application used a very limited set of…

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B2B Prospect Scores – Improving Marketing ROI in the Information Technology Vertical

By KDD | Sep 27, 2016
B2B prospect scores

We build a lot of B2B prospect scores for one of our clients.  One customer of this client recently tested a prospect score we built on their behalf. Their goal was to determine how much “lift” the prospect score provided to their outreach campaign for their information technology networking solution.  That is, they wanted to…

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Financial Competitive Intelligence as a Service

By KDD | Aug 25, 2016
competitive intelligence as a service

It’s 8:00 pm, the night before the quarterly board meeting.  And you are still pulling together financial data on your company, as well competitive intelligence on your competitors, into presentation worthy graphics. Procrastinator?  Maybe. But one key section of your financial competitive intelligence report is hampered by a lack of standardization in SEC filings.  Moreover,…

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