Tableau vs Qlik in LATAM

Tableau vs. Qlik in Latin America

We were looking for data nuggets in the TUDLA Latin America B2B database the other day and stumbled on something that, to hardcore Tableau users like us, was quite surprising.

Turns out that in the LATAM region, Tableau is not the preferred data visualization platform. In fact, it is not even in the top five. As shown in the chart below, among the business sites in the TUDLA database for which an indicator of business intelligence software exists, Tableau ranks 7th. The number 1 vendor is Qlik Technologies.

This preference does appear to vary by country, but not in Tableau’s favor. In Peru, Qlik is 7x more likely to be present as compared to Tableau – the largest relative penetration in the TUDLA database. Tableau is never more likely to be present relative to Qlik. The smallest Qlik differential, among countries with sufficient data, is 2.4x in Colombia.

Qlik penetration relative to Tableau LATAM

The TUDLA data are corroborated by an analysis of web searches conducted by Kalinax. Their infographic (shown below) indicates that in terms of impressions, Qlik is more popular than Tableau in the LATAM region. The exception is in Colombia where there are more searches for Tableau than for Qlik. Kalinax posted several analyses of Tableau and Qlik which can be found here, here and here.

Kalinax Tableau vs Qlik

You never know what you are going to find when you start to dig. You can do your own exploration of the TUDLA database free of charge here.

At the core of the TUDLA database is a 70,000+ phone verified panel. Data from this panel include firmagraphics, contact information and full technology profiles. Surrounding this core are an additional 1 million+ business locations. Associated with these expanded data are basic firmagraphics (company name, address, URL) and expanded firmagraphics, where available (employee counts, industry and revenue). Indicators of what technology may be used at these business sites are also available.

TUDLA - Qlik outpaces Tableau in Latin America among business users.