Tactical Quantitative Marketing

Now that you have a grasp on who your current customers are and where the market opportunity resides, attention can turn to how to find new customers.

prospect scores

How do I separate the wheat from the chaf?

Business contact providers (e.g. email, address, phone, title) can fill your sales funnel with more contacts than you know what to do with.

For some that is a good thing.

But if your budgets are tight and you wish to maximize the return on your marketing and sales $, then you will need a way to prioritize the order in which these contacts are fed into your marketing and sales process.

We can help you do this through prospect scoring.

Based on a custom statistical model built using your customer data appended to our market data, we can provide you with a rank-ordered list of contacts.

This list will have the most promising candidates (that is those most likely to be receptive to your sales entreaty) at the top, and the least promising at the bottom.

We can provide just this list or we can also integrate it into a dashboard, allowing you to fully interact with your current customer base and your potential targets.

Prospect Scoring

This dashboard shows the characteristics of prospective customers, businesses who have been "scored" for their likely potential to be new customers.

Depending on what data are available to the predictive model, businesses with a high potential should be very similar to the characteristics of current customers.

However, the approach can also identify pockets of opportunity that would escape a simple customer profile analysis.

In this example, among the top 40% prospects, a new industry rises to the top 5...retail.  How large are the prospective stores?  Go explore the dashboard to find out.

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