Marketing Database Enhancement

Enhancing a marketing database is the first step in most quantitative marketing engagements.  However, it can be a stand alone solution in support of an organization's internal quantitative marketing team.

Got pot holes in your B2B data?

"White Space" often plagues marketing databases.  Key data fields may not be fully populated across all the records in the file.

Some missing firmagraphics can be difficult to fill in (e.g. industry).  Others, like revenue or counts or presence of certain technologies, are more conducive to interpolation and data modeling.

We have worked extensively with the major B2B databases.  Let us help you intelligently fill in your pot holes.

Data need more oomph?

We take pride in our ability to enhance databases with value-add data fields.

Not simple record appends from other databases.  Rather, crafted fields that allow for greater segmentation and more focused targeting.

For example, through our data modeling methodology, we can append to a B2B site-location database estimates of the site's revenue, payroll and even spend on information technology (IT) such as computers and software.

Better yet, using your actual sales data, we can append estimates of potential sales that are more closely aligned with your products and solutions.

How can we help you?

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