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Are you a B2B market analyst who needs cost-effective and accessible tools that can yield both insights as well as presentation-ready graphics?

We offer several Tableau-based solutions that allow you to size and keep track of trends in your market:

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer yields insight into current, relative market potential spend, from the state down to the ZIP Code level.  It comes in both a free and enhanced version.

ZIP Pointe™ Employment Trends shows historical trends in employment and business establishments, from the state down to the ZIP Code level.  It is 100% free to use.

IT Investment Trends shows historical trends in US gross investment in information technology (total, hardware, software, etc).  Trend data available since 1980.  View how user-selected industries have performed relative to the rest of the US market.  Also 100% free to use.

market sizing - ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer allows you to size US markets down to the ZIP Code level.  It is based on US Census Bureau data on over 7 million private sector business sites with paid employees across the US.

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer comes in two versions: free and enhanced.

The base Census data are augmented with estimates of potential spend allowing for sizing of B2B markets in terms of the capacity of businesses to pay for products and services.  Core potential spend fields consist of payroll and revenue (total and e-commerce).  Additional enhanced fields are available such as measure(s) of potential spend on Information Technology (IT) and potential spend derived from actual sales.

Features of the free version of  ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer include:

  • Powered by Tableau
  • Size markets by:
    • geography: region, state, CBSA, ZIP Code
    • industry: (2, 3-digit NAICS)
    • employee size of establishment
  • Measures of potential spend:
    • payroll
    • revenue (total and e-commerce)
  • Ability to rank top CBSAs and drill down to ZIP Code level detail
  • 3-year trend data for employees and establishments
  • Fully interactive dashboards and charts
  • Hosted online
  • Data current as of latest Census release
  • Updated annually
  • Export charts in PDF


The enhanced version of ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer adds to the above:

  • Measures of potential spend:
    • spend on information technology (total, hardware, software, communications, cloud)
    • customized spend from actual sales data (if available)
  • Trend data from all available years for employees and establishments
  • Access to underlying ZIP Code data
  • Hosted online or delivered to desktop as a Tableau workbook with the free (if necessary) Tableau Reader
  • Customized views (if desired)
  • Export charts in multiple graphic formats


ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is a cost effective, accessible resource for anyone needing a quick read on B2B market sizes.  It can be used to align sales territories as well as to get a sense of relative potential market opportunity.

Drill down to any region, state or CBSA....

Data are updated annually with the release of US Census data, typically in the spring.

ZIP Pointe Market Sizer
ZIP Pointe Market Sizer - Silicon Valley

...reveal details of selected CBSA...

Visualization displays metrics for all ZIP Codes in selected CBSA.

...drill down to a specific ZIP Code.

Firmagraphics and metrics available down to the NAICS3 level by business employee size.

Zip Pointe Market Sizers - ZIP Code 95043
ZIP Pointe Market Sizer - San Diego-Carlsbad CBSA

Bonus ranking view.

Rank metro areas (CBSAs) across the US and drill down into the details of their constituent ZIP Codes.

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For example...

... one could determine, since the Great Recession of 2009, which county in the state of Washington has experienced the highest rate of growth in employment, which industries are responsible for this growth and (drilling down further) in which ZIP Codes has this growth occurred.

ZIP Pointe - Employment Trends

ZIP Pointe™ Employment Trends is based on data from over 7 million private sector employers in the US with payroll employees.  Data are updated once per year.

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IT Investment Trends

IT investment includes total, software, hardware and communications equipment.  Hardware investment is further broken out into PCs, servers, storage, printers and displays.  Data are available starting in 1980.

US Information Technology Investment Trends Since 1980

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