Market Segmentation and Targeting

Are you in a resource constrained, B2B marketing department that needs to answer both strategic and tactical questions?

We offer comprehensive, customized, Tableau-based, marketing analytics solutions that allow you to profile your data, size your markets and opportunity and target where you need to go next.

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The MarketPointe™ solution is a set of presentation-ready, interactive Tableau dashboards, which open a window to your data and to your markets. 

However, rather than forcing your data into a predefined template, we start with your data and your business decision needs.

Then we craft a set of dashboards that best reflect your data and answer the questions you need answered.

We offer your finished solution online, so it is accessible 24/7, across your organization and across multiple devices.  Or we can deliver to your desktop.


Offering unparalleled access... your granular data, whether they are products, customers, survey respondents, sales accounts, etc., our Tableau-based solution puts you in the driver's seat.

Our solution is fully customizable... that it best reflects your data and your business decision needs.

Our solution is also industry agnostic and can be crafted no matter what industry you are in or wish to target.


Integration of enhanced data fields...

...for example your sales data, makes our solution that much more powerful, allowing you to conduct more refined segmentation and targeting.

Using Tableau's mapping capabilities allows you to zero in on very focused market opportunities.

Combining your data...

...with data on the larger market allows for insights into market size, market share and market opportunity.


Drilling down to...

...specific products, customers, accounts, business locations, etc. and exporting to Excel makes available a very targeted set of data that can be used in other applications.

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