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Free Access to ZIP Pointe Market Sizer

KDD Analytics is offering free access to its annually updated ZIP PointeMarket Sizer.

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer offers a quick and comprehensive way for B2B marketers to estimate the relative potential size of US private sector markets.  Offered as Tableau dashboards, ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is based on the most current US Census data from over 7 million private sector employers.  Users can determine the potential size of B2B markets starting at the state level and then drill down into metropolitan areas and their constituent 5-digit ZIP Codes.

Current measures of market potential are payroll, revenue and revenue from e-commerce.  Industry detail is available at both the 2 and 3-digit NAICS level.  Nine employee size ranges further refine market potential estimates.  Trend data on employees, sites and $ metrics cover the most recent 3 years.

Assess Relative Market Potential

ZIP Pointe Market SizerThe best use case for ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is directional and relational guidance as to which markets may hold the highest potential for B2B offerings.  Rank sorting markets can provide insight into whether, for example, sales territories are aligned with where potential opportunity resides.

ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer allows users to filter their analysis by employee size, industry and $ metric (revenue, payroll and e-commerce revenue) as well as by geography.  Trends can be filtered to show CAGR over the last 1 to 2 years.

The free version of ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer is fully functional and allows users to fully interact with data spanning the entire US Census business ZIP Code file.

KDD Analytics also offers an enhanced version of ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer which includes additional measures of market potential (e.g. spending on information technology), additional years of data and access to the underlying, ZIP Code level data.  We can also customize ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer to include measures based on user-supplied sales as well as user-requested functionality.  Please contact us for further information.

Ready to try?  Give it spin and let us know what you think.  Access ZIP Pointe™ Market Sizer here.

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