competitive intelligence as a service

Financial Competitive Intelligence as a Service

It’s 8:00 pm, the night before the quarterly board meeting.  And you are still pulling together financial data on your company, as well competitive intelligence on your competitors, into presentation worthy graphics.

Procrastinator?  Maybe.

But one key section of your financial competitive intelligence report is hampered by a lack of standardization in SEC filings.  Moreover, you are struggling with pulling together the financials in a consistent way.   And you still need to make them visually accessible, providing the board with a requested “what-if” analysis capability.

Time is running out…”there must be a better way”.

The State of Financial Competitive Intelligence

Financial data on your U.S. public competitors come from SEC filings (10q/10k) or from data aggregators such as FactSet, Edgar Online, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, often in multiple spreadsheets.

But now what?

You may need to standardize these data across companies and reporting periods.  You need to present the data in a visually digestible manner; often to people using different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).  You need to repeat this process at least every quarter using a consistent visual format.  And you need to be able to deliver several days before a meeting.

This is a tall order for resource constrained competitive intelligence departments.

State of Financial Competitive Intelligence

As a result, “burning the midnight oil” sessions are not uncommon.

So How Do You Avoid This Last Minute Crunch?

Without hiring on more resources, you can achieve this by using a solution that:

  • Has taken care of the data standardization issues;
  • Has developed the visuals, charts and scenario capability;
  • Can update these visuals on a recurrent, frequent and consistent manner;
  • Is available 24/7;
  • Provides the option to drill down (in real time) to the supporting SEC filings and transcripts.

Then you can focus on what is important, well before the board is scheduled to meet: data insights, trend and contextual analysis.

Boulder Competitive Intelligence (BCI)

Together with our partners ai-one, and Boulder Equity Analytics, KDD Analytics is offering a financial competitive intelligence solution powered by Tableau.

BCI is a set of more than 30 presentation ready, interactive dashboards.

These dashboards display financial competitive intelligence data and KPIs for your company.  And for other public companies critical to your business ecosystem.  All in a consistent, standardized, up-to-date and easily digestible manner.

This unique Analytics as a Service (AaaS) combines data, domain expertise, technology and a secure online portal.  It simplifies your work, speeds up your deliverables and reduces your cost.

Using the financials to spot issues and trends, the AI engine powers drill-downs to the disclosure text in the filings.  You no longer need to pull up a 10k and look for the narrative.

The BCI dashboards:

  • Show typical financial statement views: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow plus income statement waterfall;
  • Provide filters to adjust for financial data element (e.g. revenue, COG, EBIT, free cash flow), company, growth measure (e.g. quarter-over-quarter, year-over-year, CQGR), smoothing (actual or TTM) and displayed time span;
  • Display summaries and trends in the supporting documents by categories of topics (with drill-downs).

BCI is available as a cost effective annual subscription (with quarterly or monthly updates) to online Tableau dashboards.  The standard service includes your company and comparatives for three publicly traded competitors, suppliers or customers.

Subscription tiers depend on the level of support, customization, information sources and macroeconomic data desired.  Custom integration with internal KPIs can be provided.

Tired of burning the midnight oil?  Then contact us to arrange for a demo (you can also view sample dashboards here.)


Boulder Competitive Intelligence, financial competitive intelligence as a service powered by Tableau.