Data Visualization

Do you wish to visualize, interact with and explore your customer and market data in a way that will facilitate a greater understanding of where you currently stand and where you need to go?

We offer data visualization services which will deliver to you, either online or to your desktop, fully interactive Tableau dashboards.  Explore the sample dashboards below and let us know what we can build for you.

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The Global 5000

KDD Analytics is pleased to partner with The Global 5000, a researched and compiled database of the 5,000 largest companies in the world.  Based on revenue/sales generated, The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries, and goes beyond existing lists and rankings like the Fortune 1000 or Forbes private rankings.

Visualize your database to reveal new insights
Database Snapshot

This is a dashboard we built for a client that sits on top of a database of technology installations by business location.  It allows the user to interact with vendor penetration by various market segments and product categories/types.


Visualize your unstructured data with text analytics
Text Analytics

This is a dashboard we built for our partner ai-one which shows the correlation between various "themes" which were derived from an analysis of text contained in a large number of production reports.  The user can choose which themes to examine.


2012 US Market Size

Based on data from the 2012 Economic Census, this dashboard allows for market sizing at the state and major industry level.  Markets can be sized in terms of revenue, payroll and revenue (payroll) per employee.

Visualize your database over time to uncover hidden trends
Longitudinal Database View

This is another client dashboard showing trends in an underlying database of technology installations by business location.  The user can explore vendor market share over time as well as by technology product type.


State Medicare Billing and Health Indicators

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services periodically release data on provider payments, both to hospitals and physicians.  This dashboard combines such physician data with state level data on health indicators to provide a sense of where and why such payments are made.

US IT Investment

Gross investment in Information Technology is tracked annually by the US BEA.  This dashboard allows the user to investigate trends in computer, software and communications equipment investment by major industry and for the US as a whole.

Food and Health

 This dashboard shows the simple correlation between meat consumption and various health outcomes across 168 countries in 2008.   The user can pick the type of meat and the health outcome for the relationship they wish to see.

How can we help you?

Drop us a line today, we'd love to chat!