Solutions that make you the analyst

Do you wish to take a more active role in the analysis of your data?

Then consider these Tableau-based solutions that empower you to be the analyst.

We have done the work of assembling and updating the data allowing you to focus on what the data mean for your business. These fully interactive solutions are provided online, giving you and your team 24/7 access, or provided as desktop solutions.

And of course we can provide as much analytical assistance as you desire and customize these solutions to fit your particular needs.

Market Sizing & Trends

Need to align your B2B sales territories and/or products with what is going on in the market?  We offer several free tools for sizing US markets, down to the ZIP Code level, and for uncovering trends in market and industry sector growth.

Market Segmentation & Targeting

Need to get a handle on your specific data, customers, markets and opportunities?  We offer customized marketing analytics solutions which allow you to fully interact with your data.

Competitive & Financial Intelligence

Responsible for competitor financial KPIs? Need current financials and KPIs in presentation-ready charts, charts that are continually updated?  Need to conduct "what-if" analysis on the fly?

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