Competitive & Financial Intelligence

Are you responsible for tracking, and reporting to C-level executives and higher, the financials and KPIs of a group of companies, whether it be competitors, suppliers, customers or a financial portfolio?

And do you need to do this on a recurring basis and have presentation-quality graphics ready at a moment's notice?

Together with our partner ai-one, we have developed analytical Tableau-based solutions which focus on comparative financial data and key KPIs.  These solutions dynamically integrate source documents, allowing the user to drill down to the text (e.g. SEC filing) supporting the financial data and KPIs.

Competitive Intelligence - Financial Analyst Tool Box

Boulder Competitive Intelligence (BCI)

Financial Competitive Intelligence (CI) as a Service

Boulder Competitive Intelligence (BCI) is a set of more than 30 presentation-ready Tableau dashboards, displaying interactive, comparative financial data and KPIs for your company and other public companies critical to your business ecosystem.

This unique Analytics as a Service (AaaS) combines data, domain expertise, technology and a secure portal.  It simplifies your work, speeds up your deliverables and reduces your cost. 


Features include:

  • Standardized data
  • Fully interactive dashboards and charts
  • 80+ financial data elements and KPIs
  • Always up to date
  • Hosted online; 24/7 access
  • Focused on your business ecosystem
  • AI to “read” and explain why

Developed by a team of competitive intelligence, AI, analytics and visualization experts, BCI shows your company and competitors’ financials in a consistent, standardized, up-to-date and easily digestible manner.

Using the financials to spot issues and trends, the AI engine powers drill-downs to the disclosure text in the filings.  You no longer need to pull up a 10k and look for the narrative.

The BCI dashboards:

  • Provide financial and KPI rankings and trends;.
  • Show typical financial statement views: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow (both interactive views and traditional data views) plus income statement waterfall;
  • Provide filters to adjust for financial data element (e.g. revenue, COG, EBIT, free cash flow, etc), company, growth measure (e.g. quarter-over-quarter, year-over-year, CQGR), smoothing (actual or TTM) and displayed time span (we can add custom filters based on your company’s need);
  • Display summaries and trends in the supporting documents by categories of topics;
  • Provide drill-downs to the relevant text in the supporting documents (filings and transcripts).


BCI is available as a cost effective annual subscription with quarterly or monthly updates.  We deliver it online via Tableau’s Server edition or through a private web portal.

The standard service includes your company and comparatives for three publicly traded competitors, suppliers or customers.

Subscription tiers depend on the level of support, customization, information sources and macroeconomic data desired.  We can provide custom integration with internal KPIs.

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