TUDLA B2B Latin America Database

B2B Marketing in Latin America with TUDLA

In the Americas, once marketers venture beyond the US and Canada, basic firmagraphic information on businesses starts to become spotty.  Marketers used to powerhouse databases like ZoomInfo, InfoUSA, Data.com, D&B and others must scramble to assemble what information may exist for the Latin America (LATAM) region.  If basic data like company name and address exist, it likely is true that standard firmagraphics like industry, employee counts and revenue do not.  And don’t even talk about comprehensive contacts and indicators of technology usage!


Since 1999, TUDLA (Technology User Database Latin America) has maintained a 70,000+ phone verified panel of business locations across LATAM and the Caribbean. The data from this panel include firmagraphics, contacts with direct phone numbers and opt-in email addresses and full technology profiles with hardware, software, and telecom information. Using an in-region call center, TUDLA regularly interviews IT Decision-Makers across the region to collect, update, and validate the information in the database.

But as is often the case in B2B marketing, numbers matter.  So TUDLA has partnered with other data providers to expand its database beyond the 70,000 phone-verified panel.  Today, the full database covers over 1 million business sites across the LATAM region.  These expanded data include basic firmagraphics (company name, address, URL) and expanded firmagraphics where available (employee counts, industry and revenue).  Also, indicators of what technology may be used at these business sites are available.

Tableau dashboard access to data

TUDLA is offering free “access” to their data so users can see what’s available. This access is through interactive Tableau dashboards embedded in TUDLA’s website.  Users can view and interact with data aggregations (but are not able to download any data) to get a sense of TUDLA’s coverage.

So, check it out and let TUDLA know what you think.

KDD Analytics is providing analytical services to TUDLA.

TUDLA's Latin America B2B database at 1m+ business sites