Who We Are

Our Team

Depending on the task, we bring together market statisticians, economists, data and market scientists, econometricians, product managers, business analysts, data visualization and subject matter experts.

Our experience spans industries, the private and public sectors and our skills are qualitative as well as quantitative.

Yes, we are well-rounded bunch!

Our Story

What sets us apart is our passion for building stuff coupled with our practical experience in data and marketing analytics.  We love to build and enhance databases, data and statistical models, visualizations and dashboards and packaged solutions.

But our experience has taught us that the foundation is key.

No matter how complex the analytical technique or solution, if the underlying data are poor, then the analytical outcome will be insufficient to provide actionable insights.  A firm foundation makes for a more useful, insightful and defensible analytic solution.

And, of course, better decisions!

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