Make better, more informed decisions.

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Need more insight from your B2B marketing and sales data, both strategic and tactical?  Our database enhancement and data analytic services will provide you with the information you need to support more informed decisions.


Need to visually see where you currently stand and where you should go?  Our data visualization services will provide you with the capability to fully interact with your data and to derive new insights about your data, portfolio, customers or market.


Prefer to take a more hands-on approach?  With our packaged and/or customized marketing analytics solutions, you and your team will have a tool giving you complete control over the analysis of your data, portfolio, customers or market.

What our clients think about us

"A terrific partner in our development of key data models. Their ability to help us with overall concept development and documenting work after completion was as good as I've experienced in this field.”

---- General Manager, leading B2B Data Provider

"… the rare example of data analysis experts who have great communication skills and are proactive (and successful) in meeting client expectations."

---- Group VP of Analytics

"... can explain analytics to clients in a way that non-PhD's can understand."

---- VP and Practice Leader - Marketing, Media & Analytics

"... was instrumental in helping us establish a sound methodology for actionable market metrics which was critical to our B2B marketing analytics strategy."

---- Director of Products, B2B Data Provider

"My experience during a fifteen-year association with KDD Analytics has been excellent.  When you combine big data professional services with superior visualization, statistical analysis, and customer services, you have KDD Analytics.  KDD Analytics has been a major factor in delivering products that supports the decision making processes."

---- Director Strategic Research

Ready to make better, more informed decisions?

For a complimentary consultation, drop us a line today!